Long Range Precision Rifle club matches

Western Colorado Precision Shooters (WCPS) & High Country Precision (HCP) have teamed up to host regular NRL/PRS style tactical precision rifle matches. This will be a monthly club match typically held on the 4th Saturday of each month at the new CSEC facility. They will shoot 5-7 stages per match, averaging 10 rounds per stage, so plan on 60-70 rounds per match (not counting zero & dope check, or re-shoots). Targets will range from 100-1500 yards, with a majority of shots being between 300-800 yards.

Please register via Practiscore no later than 9:30pm the night before the match if you want your stages to be tracked and included for the match results. Last minute registrations will be allowed to shoot the match, but their stages may not be tracked or included in match results posted to Practiscore.

To be able to squad you will need to send payment using Venmo to this account: Kreat-Lewis.

    • $45 non WCPS members
    • $25 for WCPS Members
    • $75 if you want to pay for your WCPS membership and match fee.

You will then receive another e-mail once your registration has been reviewed & you are approved to squad.

Range location: Once you take exit 45 off I-70 and head West over the river, the match check in will be held at the main LRP known distance range, & this is also where zero confirmations can be done. Access will be on the left hand (South) side of the road BEFORE you access the main office/range facilities for CSEC. You will pass thru the steel pipe gates that state “No access beyond this point without escort”. Stay with the main road that winds up the hillside to the LRP. With recent major improvements to the roads accessing the precision rifle course access is very reasonable under most circumstances for any 2-wheel drive vehicle with a reasonable amount of ground clearance (not your Corvette). If you prefer, there are several UTV side-by-sides available for rent via the main CSEC office @ $20/UTV for the day. Each UTV can accommodate up to 6 shooters plus gear.

Check in & known distance range will be available at 8:00am. The known distance range is available to verify on paper at 100 yards, and has steel out to 2000 yards. There will be a mandatory safety meeting at 8:45am, and their goal is to start the match as close to 9am as possible and finish shooting early in the afternoon. Your patience and assistance in helping them run a SAFE, FUN, and EFFICIENT match will be greatly appreciated.