CSEC Facilities


Welcome! Colorado Parks and Wildlife is proud to present the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex.
Comprising 2500+ acres, the CSEC facilities are in their third year of development. What you see here today is Phase 1B. There is much more construction on the way, followed by additional phases in the next few years.
The goal is building a ‘world-class’ shooting and education facility like no other in the United States, or perhaps the world!
This will be a place to enjoy high-end competitive events, recreational shooting, firearms training and practice, and a place where kids can learn about the outdoors.
Enjoy YOUR world-class range!

Current CSEC Facilities Available:

Range Office


           Retail Sales

        • Ear and Eye protection, Targets, Ammunition
        • CSEC Clothing, Hats, Mugs, Glasses
        • Water, Sunscreen, Bug spray
        • Colorado Outdoors Magazines, Fishing the Grand Mesa
        • CPW Licenses 

Action Shooting Pavilion

    • 7 public access shooting bays from 40 to 200 yards for pistol, rifle, shotgun and archery.

    • 21 special purpose event bays for competition and training events.

    • State-of-the-art shooting bays
      • Bay 1 is restricted to .22 rifle and airguns, and provides steel targets specifically designed for rimfire.
      • Bays 2, 3 and 4 are 50 yard bays and primarily intended for handgun/Pistol-Caliber Carbines (PCCs). They provide centerfire pistol caliber-rated steel targets.
      • Bays 5 and 6 are 100 yard bays primarily intended for centerfire rifle use, but may also be used for handgun/PCC. They provide rifle-rated steel out to 600+ yards.
      • Bay 7 is a 200 yard bay primarily intended for centerfire rifle, though handguns and PCCs may be used. It provides rifle-rated steel out to 600+ yards.
      • Bays 8 through 28 are available for group reservations and competitive events.
      •   Archery Bay 10-65 Yards
    •    Picnic pavilions with Wi-Fi internet access (reservation only)
    •    Full Wi-Fi capability on all shooting bays and picnic pavilions. 
    •    Comprehensive digital scoring system

3D Archery

      • Four courses
        • Chukar: 10 targets, beginner/traditional range, 40 yards and under, short loop.
        • Bighorn and Mule Deer: 20 targets each, about a mile loop.
        • Mountain Lion (Extreme): 20 targets, 9-100+ yards, two mile loop.

Sporting Clays

      • Two courses
        • South course has 14 stations with 3 throwers per station
        • North course has 8 stations with 2 throwers per station
      • 5-Stand

Long Range Precision Range (LRP)

      • 35 targets from 100 to 2,003 yards
      • Targets are equipped with electronic hit indicators (flashers)
      • Elevation: 5,300 feet
CSEC Entrance Sign
CSEC Entrance Sign
CSEC Picnic Pavilion
CSEC Picnic Pavilion
Covered shooting range
Covered shooting range
Shooting Benches
Shooting Benches