Spring 2022 Volunteers
Photo from our last volunteer appreciation BBQ! Cameo is very grateful for a large group of hard working volunteers who take pride in our facility and community. This is only some of them. We couldn’t function without them! A BIG Thank You to them all!!!

CSEC has a variety of Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) volunteer opportunities to participate in. Benefits of volunteering at CSEC include being a part of the shooting sports and outdoor recreation community. Actively volunteering 8 hours each month grants you free access to the facility. CSEC hosts two volunteer BBQs each year. Also CPW volunteer completing 48 hours in a calendar year receive an annual state parks pass. Each Volunteer goes through a CPW volunteer orientation, and training classes are available to become a range safety officer, a range ambassador, and a field archery instructor. Range safety officers also go through First-Aid and CPR classes.

Volunteer Opportunities include:

      • Archival (Photography)
      • Field Archery Instructors
      • Construction/Fabrication
      • Education
      • Event Support
      • Maintenance
      • Range Ambassador
      • Range Safety Officer

How to Sign Up to Volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a CPW volunteer at CSEC, or want more information, please contact Vallerie Kunz at 970-464-1339 or email vallerie.kunz@state.co.us .