3 Gun

ATTENTION: The monthly Multi-Gun Matches at CSEC have been temporarily suspended.

3-Gun or USPSA Multi-gun matches consist of USPSA-type stages shot with pistol. rifle and/or shotgun, hence the name 3-gun or multi-gun. Each stage may require the use of any or all of the firearms. Targets may consist of steel, paper or clay birds. Find out more about the USPSA Multi-gun here.

The Cameo USPSA League, Club # WC013, sponsored by Action Pistol Group, holds a monthly USPSA Multi-Gun match on the 4th Saturday of the month at CSEC from April through December.

  • Registration and Set-Up at 7 AM. (Winter hours 8 AM)
  • New Shooter Orientation at 8:45 AM (Winter hours 9:45 AM)
  • Mandatory Safety Meeting at 9 AM. (Winter hours 10 AM)
  • Match Starts Immediately Following the Safety Meeting. .
  • Register on Practiscore
  • Match fee is $20.00.
  • There are typically 4-5 bay style stages initially with open terrain stages likely in the future.
  • For More Information please visit the Action Pistol Group website