CSEC Weather Station

The new local weather station at CSEC is live.
It is installed outside the Maintenance and Services Building.
There will eventually be a second weather station installed at the firing line on the LRP.

The weather station is accessible via two services:

Ambient Weather


There is also a widget at the bottom of each of the cameosec.org web pages using the Ambient Weather data. On the Ambient Weather site, as well as on the widget, you can scroll through all the weather data to see weather data of interest to long-range shooters, such as the

      • Temperature
      • Barometric pressure
      • Relative Humidity
      • Wind Speed and Direction

all of which are accessible on a cell phone via a web browser or cellphone app.

The weather station is available on the Wunderground weather app for your cell phone as KCODEBEQ19, and includes weather forecasts for CSEC.

Data specifically local to the LRP will be available once a second weather station is installed up there.