LRP Jackpot


LRP Jackpot Target Map
LRP Jackpot Target Map (click on the image to download a hi-res version – 12.3MB)

The Cameo Shooting and Education Complex is holding Long Range Precision Jackpot rifle matches on the LRP Range. They are hosted by Action Pistol Group.

Each match consists of a series of contests which challenge the skills of the long range rifle marksman. The games include:

    1. King of the Cold Bore
      • Time limit is 10 seconds.
      • At the signal the shooter engages the 1,000-yard bullseye gong (4’X4’) with one round only
    2. Pat’s Points
      • Par time is 1 minute.
      • At the signal, engage any 2 or more of the steel targets 3 – 10 as many times each as desired.
      • Shooter must engage at least 2 different targets and cannot engage the same target twice in a row.
      • 1,000-yard small target counts for 10 points.
      • Points for each hit equals the corresponding target number.
      • Shooter must announce which targets they will be engaging prior to the make ready command.
    3. Straight Up Count-up
      • Time limit is 2 minutes.
      • At the signal the shooter will engage targets 1-10 from near to far with only one shot at each successively higher numbered target until reaching and shooting the 1,000-yard 4’X4’ target.
      • The shooters score equals the number on the highest numbered target hit in the relay.
      • If the shooter misses a target, the number of the last target hit is the shooters score.
    4. Mulligan’s Count-up
      • Time limit is 2 minutes.
      • The rules for this game are the same as for Straight up Count-up but the shooters will be allowed a pre-determined number of mulligans (make-up shots) during their string of fire.
    5. Here and There
      • Par time is 1 minute.
      • At the signal the shooter engages T2 then T10 (48” 1,000-yard target) then back to T2 and so on, alternating back and forth in succession between T2 & T10 for the duration of the par time.
      • The shooter is only allowed to move on to the next target in order of succession after first getting a successful hit on the previous target.
      • Points for each hit are recorded as the number of the target. T2 = 2 points & T10 = 10 points.
    6. Everywhere
      • Par time is 30 seconds.
      • All shooters will engage the same 3 targets selected by random drawing.
      • At the signal, the shooter engages the targets as many times as possible in the time allowed.
      • The targets must be engaged in increasing sequence ex. If 2, 5 & 9 are drawn = 2-5-9-2-5-9 etc.
      • The shooter must engage the targets in increasing order starting with the lowest number.
      • Each target must be hit before moving on to the next one each time.
    7. Quick Draw
      • Time limit is 30 seconds
      • A target between 3 and 10 will be selected by random draw and will be the target for all shooters.
      • At the signal, the shooter has 30 seconds and as many shots as needed to hit the target one time.
      • The shooters score will be the elapsed time to hit the target once.
      • The winner will be the shooter with the shortest elapsed time to hit the target.
    8. Who’s Bad?
      • Time Limit 30 seconds.
      • Shooter will engage the 1000-yard target with 3 rounds only.
      • Any extra shots will result in the removal of the same number of best hits by the shooter.
      • The shooter with the smallest group wins.

The matches will allow you to shoot a number of individual contests and to enter a $5 jackpot on each game as well (optional). If you win the individual contest you take 1/2 of the pot. There will likely be 4-5 games shot at each relay so you could potentially take home $200!

You will need to sign up and have your spot reserved for the matches in advance.  The first relay starts at 10:00 AM. 

To sign up for the next  match, Register on Practiscore. To compete in his match, pre-registration is required. Walk-ons are not allowed.

Questions? Send an email to with your name and phone number, or call Jim Burnell at (914)419-4987.

Below are downloadable files containing the rules for the LRP as well as the events/rules that we will be starting off with. Tell folks to bring a minimum of 50 rounds and lots of $5 bills! Spread the word to all the folks you know who want to shoot long range fun matches!!

We will be setting up the range starting around 9:00 AM.

For more information, download: