LRP Jackpot


LRP Jackpot Target Map
LRP Jackpot Target Map (click on the image to download a hi-res version – 12.3MB)

The Cameo Shooting and Education Complex is holding Long Range Precision Jackpot rifle matches on the LRP Range. They are hosted by Action Pistol Group.

Each match consists of a series of contests which challenge the skills of the long range rifle marksman. The games include:

    1. King of the Cold Bore
      • Time limit is 10 seconds.
      • At the signal the shooter engages the 1,000-yard bullseye gong (4’X4’) with one round only
    2. Pat’s Points
      • Par time is 1 minute.
      • At the signal, engage any 2 or more of the steel targets 3 – 10 as many times each as desired.
      • Shooter must engage at least 2 different targets and cannot engage the same target twice in a row.
      • 1,000-yard small target counts for 10 points.
      • Points for each hit equals the corresponding target number.
      • Shooter must announce which targets they will be engaging prior to the make ready command.
    3. Straight Up Count-up
      • Time limit is 2 minutes.
      • At the signal the shooter will engage targets 1-10 from near to far with only one shot at each successively higher numbered target until reaching and shooting the 1,000-yard 4’X4’ target.
      • The shooters score equals the number on the highest numbered target hit in the relay.
      • If the shooter misses a target, the number of the last target hit is the shooters score.
    4. Mulligan’s Count-up
      • Time limit is 2 minutes.
      • The rules for this game are the same as for Straight up Count-up but the shooters will be allowed a pre-determined number of mulligans (make-up shots) during their string of fire.
    5. Here and There
      • Par time is 1 minute.
      • At the signal the shooter engages T2 then T10 (48” 1,000-yard target) then back to T2 and so on, alternating back and forth in succession between T2 & T10 for the duration of the par time.
      • The shooter is only allowed to move on to the next target in order of succession after first getting a successful hit on the previous target.
      • Points for each hit are recorded as the number of the target. T2 = 2 points & T10 = 10 points.
    6. Everywhere
      • Par time is 30 seconds.
      • All shooters will engage the same 3 targets selected by random drawing.
      • At the signal, the shooter engages the targets as many times as possible in the time allowed.
      • The targets must be engaged in increasing sequence ex. If 2, 5 & 9 are drawn = 2-5-9-2-5-9 etc.
      • The shooter must engage the targets in increasing order starting with the lowest number.
      • Each target must be hit before moving on to the next one each time.
    7. Quick Draw
      • Time limit is 30 seconds
      • A target between 3 and 10 will be selected by random draw and will be the target for all shooters.
      • At the signal, the shooter has 30 seconds and as many shots as needed to hit the target one time.
      • The shooters score will be the elapsed time to hit the target once.
      • The winner will be the shooter with the shortest elapsed time to hit the target.
    8. Who’s Bad?
      • Time Limit 30 seconds.
      • Shooter will engage the 1000-yard target with 3 rounds only.
      • Any extra shots will result in the removal of the same number of best hits by the shooter.
      • The shooter with the smallest group wins.

The matches will allow you to shoot a number of individual contests and to enter a $5 jackpot on each game as well (optional). If you win the individual contest you take 1/2 of the pot. There will likely be 4-5 games shot at each relay so you could potentially take home $200!

You will need to sign up and have your spot reserved for the matches in advance. To maintain compliance with COVID-19 safety measures, only 8 shooters will be allowed at each relay, plus 2 range officials. Relays will be held at 12:00 noon and 2:00 PM. If the demand is there, additional relays will be added as needed.

To sign up for the next  match, send an email to with your name and phone number, or call Jim Burnell at (914)419-4987.

Below are downloadable files containing the rules for the LRP as well as the events/rules that we will be starting off with. Tell folks to bring a minimum of 50 rounds and lots of $5 bills! Spread the word to all the folks you know who want to shoot long range fun matches!!

During winter hours, matches start at noon.

We will be setting up the range starting around 11:00 AM.

For more information, download: