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What’s Going on at the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex

This page is updated frequently in order to keep you in touch with all the goings-on at CSEC. It’s definitely worthwhile checking back every couple of days, as there is a lot happening at CSEC and things are changing quickly. For a quick summary of the major events coming up this year, see the new Events Page


Here is the latest news from CSEC:

Free Hunter Sight-In Days

August 31, 202: In October and November CSEC is holding free Hunter Sight-In Days for holders of valid big game hunting licenses.

Baffles Installed in LRP Shooting Shelter

August 11, 2022: Sound baffles have been installed at each of the LRP firing positions. The support poles have also been wrapped with sound deadening material. This improvement yields a much more enjoyable shooting experience at the LRP, especially when your neighbor is using a large muzzle brake.

Soon to come: overhead sound absorbers out in front of the shooting benches.

UTV Rate Increase

June 16, 2022: Due to the increasing cost of fuel, as of July 1st the price of renting a UTV will be increased to $30/day.

LRP Wind Drift Estimator

May 12, 2022: Brian Young, LRP RSO, has worked up a wind drift estimator that has proven to be extremely accurate out to 2,000 yards at the LRP. You can read about it here.

LRP Nears Completion/New Rates 

May 12, 2022: During the summer and fall of 2021 with generous donors, and the efforts of CSEC volunteers the LRP Pavilion and Event “Stats Shack” were built, bringing the LRP/Terrain Park vision as a World Class facility to completion. There are now eight shooting positions each accommodating prone and bench firing opportunities, all under a 3,200 sq-ft building with a 12′ roof overhang, providing protection from sun, rain, and snow. Thirty-five targets out to 2003 yards are available, almost all with electronic flashing-light hit indicators. Public Use, User group, F-Class, and Positional Shooting firing lines as well as downrange wind flags, gun racks, and picnic tables are provided. The LRP Pavilion is wired for electrical outlets, lighting, and electronics  with electrical power rental available. 

WiFi access, power, storage space, additional sound insulation, and a weather station are in the near future plans. 

New rates … 

The vision and goal of creating a World Class long range precision shooting venue (LRP) has always been to provide the public with a rare and unique shooting opportunity at an affordable price. With the added facilities, growth and refinement of the LRP, the cost of operation and maintenance has increased significantly. Raising rates is necessary to cover the increased costs associated with the improvements. The new rates will be as of 1 July, 2022: 


*Rates are per 2 hour block of reserved bench time and are per person.

Annual Pass Holder: $12.00

Non-Annual Pass Holder: $20.00

Youth (17 and under): $3.00

Private Party/User Group reservation per day: $250 or $20/person (whichever is greater)

*All Private Party/User Group reservations require a $250 non refundable deposit.

Defenders USA is Offering Courses at CSEC in 2022

January 19, 2022: Defenders USA is offering the following pistol and rifle courses at CSEC in 2022:

Take a Look at the Future Plans for CSEC

September 16, 2021:  Check out the Future Developments page.

Chronograph Service

Have a load for your rifle or pistol for which you want to know its actual velocity through your gun? CSEC is now offering a chronograph service. See the Chronograph Service page for more details.

Schedule the Use of the Long Range Precision Course on a Non-Public Day

Users wishing to use the LRP on days other than the scheduled public days may now do so. Scheduling must be done a week in advance to provide time to schedule a Range Safety Officer. Scheduling is subject to availability of range and Range Safety Officers.  Call the Range Office at (970) 464-1339 to schedule.

 Fired brass available for sale at CSEC office

CSEC has fired range brass in 10 pound bags available at the range office. The brass is available in a number of pistol and rifle calibers. See the Range Office page for details.