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What’s Going on at the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex

This page is updated frequently in order to keep you in touch with all the goings-on at CSEC. It’s definitely worthwhile checking back every couple of days, as there is a lot happening at CSEC and things are changing quickly. For a quick summary of the major events coming up this year, see the new Events Page

CSEC Facilities Closures

June 11,, 2024:  Cameo will be closed to the public during certain periods for major events.

      • July 28 – Aug 1st: Bays 1-7 and the LRP will be closed. West bays (21-28) will be open for the public.

Cameo Classic Steel Challenge Sponsored by Jerry’s Outdoor Sports

June 11, 2024: On August 24th the Action Pistol Group will be hosting the Cameo Classic Steel Challenge match. This will be a sanctioned tier 2 match incorporating all eight standard Steel Challenge stages. You can find more information at: https://actionpistolgroup.com/cameo-classic/

LRP Target Maps Updated

May 1, 2024: The target map for the LRP has been updated. We now have 45 targets on the LRP and the map has been updated with the new targets and improved ranges,

The LRP target maps are available for download in PDF format in both 11×8.5 and 17×11 sizes here:

2024 Ultimate Hunter Championship

Sponsored by Ruger

June 18, 2024: Ultimate Hunter Shooting Sports  will be holding the 2024 Ultimate Hunter Shooting Sports Championship at Cameo. These matches make up a 3 day, multi-discipline championship event held August 9th-11th.

The full event includes all five UHSS disciplines: centerfire rifle, archery, rimfire, handgun, and muzzleloader.

Competitors may participate in any and all of these events individually, or, they have the option to compete in all of them to win a high overall combined title: The Ultimate Hunter.

*Classification is not required to participate

Registration for these five events are on the following links:

To compete for the high overall combined title of “The Ultimate Hunter”, select that option when registering for all five events, and enjoy a $150 discount!

Want to shoot for FREE?

For every match that you RO, you’ll be able to shoot another free of charge! To apply to be an RO, visit the UHSS Volunteer Page and fill out the form.

Bowhunter Education at Cameo

February 26, 2024: We are excited to finally get Bowhunter Education here at Cameo Shooting and Education Complex. The first course at Cameo will be on March 10th. This has been in the workings for about 4 years now. We will now have several Bowhunter Education instructors to now teach this course here at the facility.  This course is required in 11 states and several provinces although it is not a requirement here in Colorado, it will be accepted in States like Alaska and provinces like Quebec, in Canada.  This course can be taken online and the completion course can be scheduled here at Cameo.  Also by taking this course, remember the certificate is only good for archery tags, not rifle hunting or rifle applications for big game.  It is a very specific course that will recognize that you have completed the Bowhunter Education class and you will get a card to present if you are pursuing a big game in other states and provinces. For more information go to REGISTRATION LINK, and set up your online course and register for the completion course. There are fees required as will be found on the registration link. 

More information can be found at these two links as well. https://www.bowhunter-ed.com/colorado/  and  https://cpw.state.co.us/learn/Pages/HE-Bowhunter-Classes.aspx


ELR Calibration Target Installed on the LRP

February 16, 2024: The CSEC LRP now has an Extreme Long Range (ELR) Calibration target measuring 12”x48” for fine tuning the bullet’s Ballistic Coefficient (BC) to match the bullet impact. The ELR Calibration target is placed at 1150 yards where for many 6mm, 6.5mm PRS match cartridges the bullet velocity enters the Transonic zone (1.2 Mach – .8 Mach). The ELR Calibration target is also suited for many .270 Win, .308 Win, 280 Ackley, and .30-06 cartridges.

Want to use the CSEC ELR Calibration Target? Ask the LRP RSO for the ELR Calibration target handout which contains more details.

More Improvements to the LRP

February 15, 2024: A team of CSEC staff and volunteers finished installing  overhead sound mitigation material in the LRP shelter. With the addition of this material, the concussive effect of gunfire, especially for rifles employing muzzle breaks, is significantly reduced.

The installation team
The finished sound absorber


LRP Range Improvements

January 9, 2024: The LRP access road and downrange roads have been recently graveled, graded and rolled and magnesium chloride has been applied for dust control.

As usual, it is requested that 4WD be engaged on vehicles traveling these roads to limit damage to the roads, especially in wet conditions

What’s New with Cameo Sporting Clays

December 26, 2023: Cameo staff and the Volunteer sporting clays committee have been working on changing up the North and South Clays! We now have North Clays set up as a beginner/intermediate sporting clays course. With that in mind we transitioned the South course into a 14 station super sport course. The South Super Sport will have 3 birds per station instead of the traditional 2 bird sporting clays. On the South clays you will find it to be a more challenging course for our location competitive clay shooters. We hope that these updates attract new sporting clays shooters and create a challenge for the local clay competitors.

Reminder: 5-stand is now open every Saturday from 10am-2pm.

Colorado Precision Rifle to Hold Classes at Cameo

November 18, 2023: Brian Whelan of Colorado Precision Rifle will be holding classes at CSEC on the following dates in 2024:

Click on any of the above links for more information or to register for the course.

Shooting USA Features Cameo and Ultimate Hunter

November 16, 2023: Shooting USA has featured The Ultimate Hunter Shooting Sports and CSEC on a recent broadcast. See the video below:

5-Stand Expanded Hours

November 16, 2023: As of December 2nd, the Clays Committee is expanding  the 5-Stand hours:

Every Saturday from 10AM to 2PM, unless the calendar indicates 5-Stand is closed.

The Bighorns are Active

November 16, 2023: The CSEC bighorn sheep have been visible a lot lately. Vallerie Kunz shot this video the other day:

Chandler Challenge

June 14, 2023: Does your rifle shoot sub MOA? Can you shoot sub-MOA? You better, if you are going to complete  the Chandler Challenge. This contest requires you to hit each of the 12″ x 12″ targets at or beyond 1,000 yards. 

For more details, check out the Chandler Challenge page.

Inaugural Ultimate Hunter Archery Competition Held at CSEC

May 18, 2023: On Saturday, May 13th the first ever Ultimate Hunter Archery Competition was held at Cameo. Seventeen archers competed over 5 stages of 3 targets per stage. Cameo’s own Vallerie Kunz was the overall winner by a large margin. The final scores are posted here.

The Ultimate Hunter Archery Competition (UHAC) uses typical hunting gear to engage 3-D targets at ranges out to 50 yards. Competitors have 180 seconds to find, range and hit three targets at each stage. The targets have marked zones used in scoring the match, where the score for each stage is the sum of the scores divided by the time it took to hit all three targets. This makes speed important as well as accuracy, as it would be in a hunting scenario.

The plan is to host monthly UHAC matches at CSEC. Keep an eye on the CSEC calendar or the Ultimate Hunter calendar for the dates.

Monthly Matches at CSEC

February 16, 2024:

Nearly every month there are regularly-scheduled shooting matches held at Cameo. Matches are run by the Action Pistol Group (APG), Ultimate Hunter Shooting Sports (UHSS),  Western Colorado Precision Shooters  (WCPS) or A Girl and A Gun (AGAG).

      • IDPA – 1st Saturday – CF Pistol/PCC –  APG
      • UHRC – 2nd Saturday – CF Rifle – UHSS
      • UHAC – 2nd Saturday – Archery – UHSS
      • UHRF – 4th Saturday – CRF Rifle – UHSS
      • AGAG – 2nd Saturday – CF Pistol – AGAG
      • NRA F-Class – 1st Saturday – CF Rifle – APG
      • PRO 22 – 2nd Sunday – .22 Rifle – WCPS
      • USPSA – 3rd Saturday – CF Pistol/PCC – APG
      • Steel Challenge – 4th Saturday – CF Pistol/.22 Pistol/.22 Rifle/PCC – APG
      • PRS – 4th Saturday – CF Rifle – WCPS

These matches are all open to the public, to compete, or even just to watch.

Matches usually require registration in Practiscore.

Match dates are subject to range availability if there are conflicts with major events scheduled, so be sure to check the CSEC Calendar of Events.

Weather Station Installed on the LRP

December 19, 2022: A weather station has been recently installed on the LRP to assist long range shooters by providing wind, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure data. This information is typically input to ballistic calculators to provide the holdover needed for long range and extreme long range target shooting. The new weather station, manufactured by Ambient Weather, provides an illuminated LCD display.

Due to the lack of WiFi coverage at the LRP, it is not possible at this time to access the weather station remotely. It is planned to eventually provide this ability.

Bighorn Sheep at Cameo

October 23, 2022: It’s that time of year again, and the mountain bighorn sheep at Cameo are very much in evidence. If you are interested in seeing them, stop in at the office or talk to a volunteer, and they can tell you where the sheep were last seen. These pictures were taken on October 22.

Bachelor Group
The Herd
3 Rams and a Ewe

Box for a Cop

LRP Wind Drift Estimator

May 12, 2022: Brian Young, LRP RSO, has worked up a wind drift estimator that has proven to be extremely accurate out to 2,000 yards at the LRP. You can read about it here.

Take a Look at the Future Plans for CSEC

September 16, 2021:  Check out the Future Developments page.

Chronograph Service

Have a load for your rifle or pistol for which you want to know its actual velocity through your gun? CSEC is now offering a chronograph service. See the Chronograph Service page for more details.

Schedule the Use of the Long Range Precision Course on a Non-Public Day

Users wishing to use the LRP on days other than the scheduled public days may now do so. Scheduling must be done a week in advance to provide time to schedule a Range Safety Officer. Scheduling is subject to availability of range and Range Safety Officers.  Call the Range Office at (970) 464-1339 to schedule.

 Fired brass available for sale at CSEC office

CSEC has fired range brass in 10 pound bags available at the range office. The brass is available in a number of pistol and rifle calibers. See the Range Office page for details.