Chronograph Service

Lab Radar

CSEC has purchased a pair of LabRadar chronographs. These chronographs are available, including the services of a trained RSO, to the public for use in measuring the velocities of rifle and pistol loads. They can also be used to measure the speeds of arrows and bolts.

The units can record a string of shots and calculate the following values:

      • Average velocity
      • Minimum velocity
      • Maximum velocity
      • Extreme velocity spread
      • Standard Deviation
      • Muzzle energy
      • Power factor
      • Velocities and muzzle energies at up to 5 selected distances from the bench

The unit is set up on the bench next to the firearm, and is not ahead of the muzzle or the firing line. This means that it is not necessary to clear the line to set it up, and there is no danger of putting a round through it, like a conventional optical chronograph.

On Bays 2 through 7, the chronograph service costs $20 per hour, and includes an operator.  At the LRP The cost is $20 per hour or $10 for up to 5 shots. Contact the range office at (970)464-1339 for more information, or to make a reservation for a chronograph session.

You can bring a blank, formatted SDHC card (not SDXC or microSD) and get an electronic copy of the data.

You can also download the Labradar App to your cell phone or tablet and we can use it to control the Labradar unit and save the data on your phone.

Here are downloadable copies of the Labradar Quick Start Guide and LabradarUser Manual