Future Developments

Near-Term Developments

The 5-Stand range construction is complete, keep an eye out for the formal opening

The LRP shooting shelter is under construction.

Future Plans

The CSEC campus is planning a significant expansion over the next 5 years.

Additions to include:

          1. Overflow and RV Parking Area
          2. Playground
          3. Botanic Garden
          4. Visitor Center
          5. Arrowhead Lake
          6. Phase 1 Parking North Lot (52 spaces)
          7. Phase 1 Parking South Lot (74 spaces)
          8. Phase 2 Parking South Lot (191 spaces)
          9. Eight Additional Pistol Bays (nearing completion)
          10. Banquet Hall
CSEC Campus Upgrades
CSEC Campus Upgrades

Visitor Center

Visitor Center