Archery Range Rules

General Archery Range Rules

  • DO NOT Draw a bow back without an arrow.
  • DO NOT DRY FIRE (Releasing the string without a nocked arrow).
  • No sky drawing (Keep arm parallel to ground when drawing bow).
  • Target and field points ONLY (no broadheads).
  • No Crossbows.
  • No running at the archery bay.
  • NO SMOKING on the firing line.
  • It is illegal to kill, injure or fire upon wildlife (all laws enforced).

Archery Safety Rules

  • Always keep a loaded bow pointed down range and know what is beyond your target.
  • No one is allowed forward of the red safety line when the line is ‘HOT’.
  • Never load an arrow or take an arrow out of your quiver until line is ‘HOT’.
  • Range must be declared safe before ANYONE goes forward of the red safety line.
  • All bows must remain on racks and the line declared safe before anyone goes down-range.
  • Stand to the side of the target when pulling arrows and ensure no one is behind you.
  • Anyone can call an emergency ‘CEASE FIRE’ for safety emergencies.
  • Cease Fire Procedures:
    • Immediately put all arrows in quivers and bows on racks/hangers.
    • No one is allowed downrange until range is declared safe and clear / ‘COLD’.
    • No handling bows and / or arrows during a cease fire.