Western Colorado Precision Shooters

About Western Colorado Precision Shooters

Western Colorado Precision Shooters (WCPS) is based in Grand Junction, CO and the Cameo Shooting & Education Complex is their “home range”. They are primarily oriented toward, but not limited to, long range precision rifle shooting such as NRL, PRO22, PRS, Field type matches, F-Class, Benchrest, and large & small game hunting. Whether you are an experienced shooter, hunter, or competitor, or perhaps you are just starting to pursue an interest in long range shooting…so long as you are a safe & responsible individual they welcome you to come shoot with them.

Most of the club communication is currently done via their Facebook page at this time, so you are strongly advised to follow their club page if possible to stay on top of club activity

Current WCPS leadership

Monthly Matches

WCPS sponsors monthly matches at CSEC, including:

Other Matches & Events

In addition to hosting regular monthly matches for both long range centerfire & rimfire disciplines, WCPS regularly hosts or assists with larger regional & national level events that fall under the umbrella of various sanctioning entities.  Some recent examples of these past events include the:

    • XLR Rimfire Rumble NRL22X match (03/13/2021)
    • Hornady Precision Hunter Challenge (08/08/2020)
    • HCP NRL Border Wars match (05/09/2020)

They will be directly hosting and/or assisting with many other major Precision Rifle matches such as the NRL, NRL Hunter Series, PRO22, Border Wars, PRS, and many others, in the months and years ahead.