Hunter Education

2023 Hunter Education Class Schedule


Jan 21 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
Feb. 4-5 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Feb. 18 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
Feb 25 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
Mar. 4-5 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Mar. 11 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
Mar. 18 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
Mar.25-26 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
April 1 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
Apr. 15-16 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
May 6 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
May 16 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
May 20-21 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
June 10 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
June 24-25 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
July 8 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
July 22 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
Aug. 19 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
Aug 26-27 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Sept. 23 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
Sept. 30 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
Oct 21 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
Oct 28-29 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Nov 11-12 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Nov 18 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
Dec 9 8am-5pm CONCLUSION
Dec 16 8am-5pm CONCLUSION


Jan 21-22 2023 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Feb 18-19 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Mar 25-26 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Apr 15-16 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
May 20-21 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Jun 10-11 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Jul 15-16 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Aug 12-13 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Sep 16-17 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Oct 21-22 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL
Nov 18-19 8am-5pm TRADITIONAL

Online ($29.50) + Conclusion Class ($10)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Internet Courses require an In-Person Conclusion Class. A portion of the course is completed online at your convenience, followed by a conclusion class that covers skills and activities done in person.​

Note: Online course certificate of completion required to participate in conclusion class.

In-classroom conclusion class Details:

4-6 hours of class time, hands-on exercises, Colorado laws and regulations, written test, live fire exercise, and cost of $10 (cost for Grand Junction Classes). Colorado Approved Online Course can be found at: ($29.50).

Traditional Class ($10)

The basic purpose of a Hunter Education class is to teach hunters to be safe, legal and responsible. Topics covered include wildlife management, wildlife identification, ethics, laws and regulations, and firearms safety and handling. While Hunter Education classes enable safer hunting, they also help hunters to be more successful in their hunts – and emphasize ethical hunting behavior.​

Class Details

In person, classroom setting, 10 hours minimum class time (split into 2 or more days), written test, live fire exercise, cost is $10 (for Grand Junction classes).

Register for a Traditional or Internet Conclusion Course at

*Registration opens approximately two months in advance of the anticipated course date.*

Any additional questions, please call (970)255-6100.