Long Range Precision Range

LRP News:

LRP Target Maps Updated

May 1, 2024: The target map for the LRP has been updated. We now have 45 targets on the LRP and the map has been updated with the new targets and improved ranges,

The LRP target maps are available for download in PDF format in both 11×8.5 and 17×11 sizes here:

ELR Calibration Target Installed on the LRP

February 16, 2024: The CSEC LRP now has an Extreme Long Range (ELR) Calibration target measuring 12”x48” for fine tuning the bullet’s Ballistic Coefficient (BC) to match the bullet impact. The ELR Calibration target is placed at 1150 yards where for many 6mm, 6.5mm PRS match cartridges the bullet velocity enters the Transonic zone (1.2 Mach – .8 Mach). The ELR Calibration target is also suited for many .270 Win, .308 Win, 280 Ackley, and .30-06 cartridges.

Want to use the CSEC ELR Calibration Target? Ask the LRP RSO for (or download) the ELR Calibration target handout which contains more details.

LRP Baffles Improved

February 15, 2024: A team of CSEC staff and volunteers finished installing  overhead sound mitigation material in the LRP shelter. With the addition of this material, the concussive effect of gunfire, especially for rifles employing muzzle breaks, is significantly reduced.

The installation team
The finished baffles and overhead sound absorber

About the LRP

LRP Shelter

The LRP shelter provides 8 solid (1400lb) shooting benches and can also accommodate prone shooters. It also houses the LRP range office, where shooters can purchase eye and ear protection and rent shooting rests, bags and spotting scopes. Chronograph service is also available at  this office.

LRP Benches
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The Long Range Precision range is open every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, except when reserved for special events. Please check the Calendar of Events if you are planning on making reservations for the LRP. Reservations on the LRP must be scheduled at least two days before desired date , but no more than one month in advance.

The LRP is also available for private reservations on non-public days. Private reservations must be made at least 1 week in advance, but not more than 2 months in advance. Call the range office at (970) 464-1339 to make a reservation.

Periodically the LRP may be closed for special events.

LRP Targets and Hit Indicators

The Long Range Precision Range (LRP) provides a series of 42 steel targets ranging from 100 yards all the way out to 2003 yards. Targets at distances over 300 yards have electronic sensors that flash brightly for several seconds when the target is hit, and are easily visible over the entire length of the range, even in bright daylight.

Here is a video of a hit on the 1,000-yard 48″x48″ steel target, showing the flasher system in operation:

This aerial drone video shows a sequence of hits (and misses) on the 1,000-yard target.

The LRP terrain is complex, encompassing canyons and rolling hills, giving rise to sometimes challenging wind conditions. Wind flags are present every 500 yards down the range to aid the shooter in gauging the wind.

LRP Downrange
LRP Down Range, a drone’s-eye view
Extreme Long Range Targets
Extreme Long Range Targets

The image at the top of this page is a view of the Long Range Precision Range with all the targets marked and their ranges identified.

Here is a handy sheet to print out with the map and a target table listing the ranges of all the targets: LRP Targets & Table

Click Here to download a 11×17 PDF version of the file.

The Long Range Precision Range hosts a variety of competitive events, including the monthly LRP Jackpot Games

To minimize road damage, 4-wheel drive should be used (if equipped) on the access road up to the LRP (UTV’s are available for rent at the range office). The road is fairly steep in places.

Ammunition Restrictions

Due to the presence of electronic flashers on most of our targets, there are some Ammunition Restrictions on the LRP Please check this link to make sure your ammunition complies.

Long Ranger Club

To celebrate the long-range and extreme long-range achievements of our shooters we have instituted the Long Ranger Club. Shooters achieving hits on select targets that are witnessed by a CSEC RSO or CSEC staff will be awarded a certificate as follows:

      1. Gold – 2,000 yards
      2. Silver – 1,760 yards (one mile)
      3. Bronze – 1,000 yards

In addition, their achievement will be recorded and listed on the Long Ranger Club page for bragging rights.

LRP Master Challenge

Do you seek the ultimate long-range and extreme long-range challenge? Come try the LRP Ultimate Challenge. In this contest you will be required to get a hit on each and every target on the LRP range. 35 targets range from 100 to 2,003 yards. And that last target is an 18″x24″ IPSC torso.

For more details, check out the LRP Master Challenge page.

Chandler Challenge

Does you rifle shoot sub MOA? Can you shoot sub-MOA? You better, if you are going to complete  the Chandler Challenge. This contest requires you to hit each of the 12″ x 12″ targets at or beyond 1,000 yards. 

For more details, check out the Chandler Challenge page.

LRP Pictures and Videos

Here is a video of a hit on the 2,003-yard 48″x48″ steel target, showing the flasher system in operation:

Here is a video of a hit on the 2,003-yard 18″x24″ IPSC torso steel target, showing the flasher system in operation, (the flasher is a little difficult to see due to the wind vibration of the spotting scope):

The rod to the top
The road to the top
600 yard target
600 yard target
LRP 600 yard target backside showing flasher system
LRP 600 yard target backside showing flasher system
LRP 1000 yard target
LRP 1000 yard target
LRP 2000 yard target showing flasher in operation
LRP 2000 yard target showing flasher in operation
Looking up range toward teh LRP firing line from 2000 yards
Looking up range toward the LRP firing line from 2000 yards
Long Range Precision range firing line as seen from the 1000-yard steel
Long Range Precision range firing line as seen from the 1000-yard steel (greatly magnified)

CSEC LRP Wind Drift Estimator

Brian Young has refined a Wind Drift Estimator that has proven to be extremely accurate at the LRP.


The LRP is host to a wide variety of wildlife, including bighorn sheep, mule deer, bears, a mountain lion, coyotes,, cottontails, and numerous lizards, among others. Wildlife is not to be harassed or shot at.

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