LRP Master Challenge

Do you seek the ultimate long-rage and extreme long-range challenge? Come try the LRP Master Challenge. In this contest you will be required to get a hit on each and every target on the LRP range. 35 targets range from 100 to 2,003 yards. And that last target is an 18″x24″ IPSC torso.

This program is intended to be fired on LRP Public Days and is set up like a postal match, on the honor system (mostly). The idea is for the shooter to get a hit on every single target on the LRP, all of them, including the IPSC torsos at 1,000 and 2,003 yards. The targets would not all have to be hit with the same rifle, or on the same day, nor would they have to be engaged in order.
A worksheet is posted below that the shooter can download and fill out as he progresses through the targets. It is used to record the date and firearm/cartridge used on each target. An RSO or CSEC staff witness is required to confirm a hit the IPSC torso at 2,003 yards. The rest of the targets are on the honor system.
When the worksheet is complete the shooter should present it at the range office for recognition and the presentation of a certificate. The list below shows all the shooters who have completed the challenge.

Here is the target list and map: LRP Targets & Table

Here is the LRP Master Challenge Worksheet

LRP Master Challenge




Steven Bowshier


Savage Elite Precision 300 PRC

Mark Tuttle


Kelbly Action 6.5 PRC

Jeff Blankenship


Bergara HMR .300 PRC

Andrew Lee Mansfield


not recorded

Mike Mansfield


Custom .338 Lapua

Bart Chandler


Bart Custom 6XC, Tubb ATR 6.5-284, .408 Cheytac

Kylie Ebringer


AI 300 Norma Mag

Tim Ebringer


Bergara 6.5 Creedmoor

Brenton Larson


McRees Precision, .300 Win Mag

Brian Young


Winchester Model 70 .30-06 Bergara B-14 .30-06

Sam H. Pace*


6mm Creedmoor Seekins Havak Pro/6.5 PRC Triggertime Custom

*This was achieved before the latest 8 targets were installed

Mark Tuttle
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Here is a video of Sam Pace’s hit on the 4’x4′ plate at 2003 yards: