Long Ranger Club


To celebrate the long-range and extreme long-range achievements of our shooters we have instituted the Long Ranger Club.  Shooters achieving hits on select targets that are witnessed by a CSEC RSO or CSEC staff will be awarded a certificate as follows:

      1. Gold – 2,000 yards – Target #20
      2. Silver – 1,760 yards (one mile) – Target #18
      3. Bronze – 1,000 yards – Target #10

A special award is available for those who achieve the LRP Master Challenge, which consists of hitting all of the targets listed on the LRP Target Map. The list of marksmen and their photos are on the LRP Master Challenge web page.

A new challenge has been created, the Chandler Challenge, which consists of successful impacts on all eight of the 12″x12″ targets at 1,000 yards and beyond. A description of this challenge and a list of winners can be viewed on the Chandler Challenge web page.

Some of our winners


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Bronze Award Winners

Silver Award Winners

Gold Award Winners

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