2020 Wilson Combat Rocky Mountain Regional IDPA Championship

Due to the Colorado State COVID-19 restrictions, the Wilson Combat Rocky Mountain Regional has been postponed. It is too near on the horizon and with less and less likelihood of having things fully opened back up in time. The good news is that we already have a new date planned. The match will be held August 21 – 23 with staff shooting on Friday the 21st and the rest of the competitors shooting over two days (Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd). This will remain a Tier 4 match with 15 awesome stages and garnering 3 points for the following years National Championship. Everyone who is already registered and paid will be automatically moved to the new dates and remain on the same squads. Anyone having scheduling conflicts will be allowed to withdraw with a full refund. There will likely be some openings as a result but we expect that our match deprived ballistic brothers and sisters will quickly fill the match back up! We hope that all who are currently registered will be able to make the new dates but certainly understand if you cannot. Our best to you all and we hope to see you at the range soon!!!